($150 Investment)

I have launched a new and revolutionary online program called Sugar Fix.  It will take you from sugar addicted to sugar recovered in as short as a month. It consists of videos, writing prompts, healthy dessert recipes and an exclusive members only support group.  It is completely self paced and can be accessed at anytime.  The lessons are quick, easy and chock-full of insights, know-how and secret never been seen before tools that will completely change your life. If you are addicted to sugar this program will improve your health, help you lose weight, feel great and achieve freedom from sugar addiction.

To get a feel for what the course is like I have opened up access to one of the lessons named “My Story”.  Please check it out FREE PREVIEW HERE

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Please enjoy a sneak peak of the course below.


  1. How much does it cost? $150
  2. Are there videos in the course?  Yes, the course will include 28 videos!
  3. Is writing part of the course? Yes, every video has a corresponding writing prompt to deepen your understanding of the ideas covered in the video.
  4. Will there be recipes included in the course? Yes, I am excited to share some of my best and most loved dessert recipes with you.
  5. How long will I have access to the course? You will have lifetime access.  You can come back and do the lessons again and again.
  6. Why are you creating this program?  I am creating this program because I would like to share with you all the tips, insights, knowledge and outright magic that I experienced through recovering from sugar addiction.

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