This is some lovely praise I have received….

Before I started working with Michelle, I wasn’t really thinking about what I was putting into my body, but I knew I didn’t feel good about it. I was living what I considered to be a healthy lifestyle, working out, etc, but I just didn’t feel great and couldn’t seem to lose a few pounds no matter what I tried. Some of my habits such as skipping meals or going to the gym more times per week were actually causing me to eat more.

Michelle very quickly helped me identify the root causes of my problems and provided some easy strategies for fixing them. I was enlightened by her review of my pantry and by the grocery shopping trip we took together. I always look forward to our check-ins. By Skyping with me every other week, she has helped me stay accountable to my goals.


“Before I met Michelle, I was struggling to stay in shape and my cholesterol was sky-high. After our initial sessions she helped me do a complete pantry make-over, getting rid of processed foods and anything with high fructose corn syrup. She even took me to whole foods, where she helped me pick out healthy items that I would enjoy and taught me recipes that were delicious and nutritious. After just several weeks on her program I was able to reach my goal weight, and with her continued help, I’ve been able to stay in better shape than I ever thought possible. Plus, my cholesterol has lowered by over 20% so far! I’ve felt increased stamina, energy, and focus ever since I started. Ladies, don’t be shy about getting your husbands and boyfriends on the program! It works!”


“Michelle has been so helpful during this long and difficult process of getting over sugar addiction. She really helped me to get to the root of my sugar and food addiction and I am happy to say that things are a lot better now and I don’t feel helpless and frustrated. I recommend her as she comes alongside you as a friend and gives you ideas that are completely doable. She is a great listener which makes her even more effective.”


“I contacted Michelle because I’m suffering terribly from allergies and the testing at a Doctor’s office is so expensive. Michelle told me I could do an elimination diet that would determine if I have any food allergies. She guided me through the process with very specific directions and warmhearted support. She said it’s often a food you eat every day that is the culprit. I’m certain now that the number one offender is caffeine! Imagine, I’ve been ingesting this every day and had no idea it was causing a horrible reaction in my body that has cost me literally thousands of dollars over the years. Not only that, bonus, I lost a few pounds and I feel great!!”


“Michelle helped me cut out a huge amount of bread and dairy which allowed me to move away from counting calories. Talking with her is efficient and comfortable. She has great practical advice and is not too extreme. She is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their health!”